A Staffordshire Boy: Tales of Fishing and Other Fun


This book contains a series of funny tales that come from the memories of my childhood. I grew up in the small village of, Seighford, which is situated close to the county town of Stafford in England. Although I had a brilliant childhood, I was far from priviledged; I came from a large family, two brothers and three sisters, we lived in a council house and my dad swallowed a skinfull of ale almost every night.


Set in the period between the mid-fifties and the mid-sixties it shows how my friends and I managed to have a great time without computers, mp3 players and ipods.


Although this book may, on the face of it, look like a series of random tales, it does have some common themes running through it.


My father took me fishing at a very early age and so enjoyable was the experience that I have carried on angling for my whole life. The book contains several hilarious stories about fishing the village pond, canal fishing, river fishing and sea-fishing from a boat in Rhyl that had terrible consequences for my dad.

My Dad

My late father is prominent throughout this book and the reader will find that he was quite a character. I remember him mostly for being hard working, honest and generous. However, he was also strict and stubborn in his ways; my father was always right. The strange thing is that although he was stuck firmly in his own rut, as time as gone on, a lot of what he used to say now makes perfect sense. He worked in a grinding wheel factory for most of his life and this gave him a thirst that he couldn't seem to quench.


Along with tales of fishing and my father there are also lots of stories about the usual things young boys get up to like playing football, bows and arrows and making catapults. However, it also tells of some escapades that were not only very funny, but unique to the boys in Seighford.


Lots of people have written their childhood memoirs and a lot have told of the years they spent in absolute misery. I hope this book provides some balance because I had a good, happy childhood and hope that comes through in my writing. I wrote A Staffordshire Boy with two things in mind; the first was to provide a decent record, and the second was to entertain the reader. I sincerely hope that I have achieved both. All of my books are available on Amazon.