On-line grocery shopping

We've been using the internet to buy books and cds for several years and, with the exception of one item, everything has arrived quickly and in good order.In fact, some of the stuff from Amazon comes through the door before I've had chance to click the 'place your order now' button.

Talking of Amazon, isn't a Kindle a brilliant bit of kit. If you buy a book via Kindle there's no chance of it getting lost in the post or some sneaky delivery driver sticking it up his jerkin.

Having said all that, doing our grocery shopping on-line isn't as successful. We've been doing it like that every week for 7 years and, although there are problems, I couldn't go back to dragging myself around the store, bumping into zombies and having to put up with noisey oiks who treat it like a playground.

We spend enough to get free delivery, so why would I want to walk around the store trying to find stuff, pack it into bags, load it into my car and then get it all out again at the other end.

If only they would fix the problems, the system would be perfect.

If you are reading this Mr Store Manager, these are the things that give me the hump.

My groceries often arrive after my booked slot because the driver has been delivering to places so far away they are probably in a different time zone.

The plastic bottles that the milk comes in are very often leaking. In the days when I went to the shop in person I made sure I kept the milk bottles upright because if I didn't they leaked. It isn't even close to rocket science is it?

Sometimes items are missing, but ringing up to sort it out costs more than the missing item is worth.

Too much stuff becomes unavailable on-line. If my wife goes into the store the same day the shelves are bursting with the very item. It makes me think somebody is trying to shift a slow moving line.

Get some glasses for the people who do the picking. If I ask for mansize tissues, that's what I expect, not a box of fairy tissues.

Last but not least, get the pickers to use a bit of common sense. I ordered a bottle of Australian Merlot wine. I specifically wanted Merlot and that was the important keyword, but what do I get? answer, a bottle of Australian Shiraz.

Very simply, I wanted Merlot, if they hadn't got Australian Merlot, a French Merlot would have done just as long as it was Merlot. The picker though decided that 'Australian' was the keyword and so long as they sent something Australian I'd be satisfied. It's only a wonder I didn't end up with a boomerang or a bag of kangaroo's teeth.