Ain't that a shame

The Internet.

There's no doubt about it, the internet rates along side the wheel and sliced bread when it comes to new inventions. So ain't it a crying shame that it's been spoilt by spammers, hackers,and virus spreaders.

Speed bumps

Speed bumps are popping up everywhere and ruining the pleasure of driving. A few people, who can't keep their speed under control, are making life a misery for the rest of us, so ain't that a shame.

The telephone

It used to be a joy to answer the phone because it usually meant that one of your friends was calling. However, those days are long gone and picking up the receiver now is generally a waste of time. The person on the other end will either be trying to sell you something, asking you to take part in a survey or worst of all there will be nobody there at all. I've stopped answering the phone unless I know the name that comes up on the display. If anybody else rings and it is important they can always leave a message, but ain't that a shame.

The television 1

Terrible programmes with too many adverts and recaps of what we saw five minutes ago before the last commercial break. The people who make the programmes must think we are all numpties, now ain't that a shame.

In our house we hardly ever watch any live telly. We record everything we want to watch and fast forward through the adverts and the nonsense. A one hour program can be condensed down to about twenty minutes and we miss absolutely nothing.

The television 2

The people who make the progammes have gone music mad. I'm fed up with watching documentaries that have music playing while the presenter is talking. It does nothing to increase my enjoyment, in fact, it only serves to wind me up or switch the thing off. Shame on them, it wouldn't hurt for us to go without music for a few minutes would it.

Two stoke strimmers

I can recall when gardening was a peaceful pastime, but then some horrible person decided to put a two stroke engine on a strimmer and now being in the garden can be nothing short of a misery. On our estate it often sounds like race day at Brands Hatch and after one man has thrashed his patch to death, it isn't long before another revs up his little engine. Peace and quite seems to have gone forever and that's a terrible shame.


Eat more fruit we are told. I wonder if the people who spout this stuff out can tell me where I can buy edible fruit. It always looks very tempting and I am amazed how much there is for sale in the supermarkets. The trouble is, when I get it home it is generally as sour as a witch's tit. Who eats this stuff? Do people buy it just for show. One thing is for sure, you could leave it on the window sill for a month and it still wouldn't ripen and that's a shame

Mobile phones

What a great invention, it is cheap to send a text message and the ability to always be in touch with friends and loved ones is fantastic. However, there is always some numb nuts using one whilst driving and it makes me see red. It feels as if they are sticking two fingers up at the rest of us, and to me, they may as well be driving down the road whilst swigging from a bottle of whisky. Yes, shame on them for putting the rest of us at risk.

The radio

Whatever happened to proper radio? In the good old days, a DJ would just play the records, make the odd comment about them and speak to the listener. Now-a-days, most radio shows have people talking amongst themselves. They sometimes don't even bother mentioning the track they have just played because they are so eager to get back to their inane babble, which they often share with two other people in the studio. I don't want to listen to other people talking amongst themselves, if I did, I would go down to the local cafe. What I want is for the DJ to speak to me and entertain me. At the moment the emphasis seems to be on entertaining themselves, and that is another shame.

Speed camera vans

I can put up with static speed cameras, but I hate the mobile ones in vans that sneak about and hide in the bushes at the side of the road. I'm not a fast driver and generally stick to the speed limit, however, I'm also human and on a clear wide road I may drift slightly over the thirty mile an hour speed limit on occassions. This usually happens when a camera van is in hiding at the side of the road and my first reaction is to take my foot off the accelerator and apply some brakes whilst checking my speed. The only trouble is that by the time my eyes have focused on the right spot, the speedo is hovering somewhere around the 30 mark, but what speed was I actually doing when I came into the speed camera's focal range? To be honest, I don't know and the next couple of days are spoilt because I'm werriting about whether or not I'm going to receive a fine. As it happens I haven't had one yet, but I've still done the mithering and that's a flaming shame.

You may be pleased to know that the next rant is my last. Sorry if I've sounded like a grumpy old man, but it's nice to get these things off your chest.


Believe it or not, but I can still remember a time that was almost without greed. People in business were happy to supply goods and services for a reasonable profit. However, that notion packed its bags and left about thirty years ago. Now it seems that all businesses are ready to bankrupt the rest of us in an effort to make skip loads of money. Business leaders and bankers are paid enormous saleries that make the rest of us pig sick. But don't get me wrong, I have always been a great believer in the idea that those who work hard should get the best rewards. However, that isn't the case today. At one extreme of society we have the bone idle who do not want to work at all and at the other end of society we have people who are pocketing a king's ransom every week for little effort. The net result is that the rest of us, the hard working people in society, are being robbed blind. Now if that ain't a shame, I don't know what is.