The Reluctant Pom

Short Introduction

I was born in a small village called Haughton, which lies a few miles west of the county town in Staffordshire. When I was four years old we moved to another village called Seighford, where I grew up with my five brothers and sisters. My mother was from Finland and my father was a hardworking, hard drinking, Tottenham Hotspur supporter, who one day became convinced that our family would be better off on the other side of the world. I was sixteen at the time and not best pleased about this interruption of my teenage years, so I became a reluctant Pom. This all happened over forty years ago, so I thought it would be good to put my recollections down on paper while I still can.


With the exception of the beginning and the end, this book is not set out in chronological order. I didnít keep a diary and, after all this time, my memory isnít capable of sequencing the events that happened over a two year period. This being the case, I have sorted the chapters into themes, so that it does at least have a modicum of structure. I have also fictionalised the names of some characters to save even the slightest chance of any embarrassment. Okay, thatís enough of the serious stuff; here are the recollections of a reluctant Pom. I hope you find the contents interesting and entertaining.


The Reluctant Pom is available in most countries of the world via Amazon kindle.

Please be aware that the book does not include any photos, but you can see a few images from my time down under at the bottom of this page. The quality of the photos isn't very good because they have been all over the place.

Carmichael St, West Footscray-That's me at the back behind my parents and two of my sisters.

This is me not long after we left the camp. I was 16 and a reluctant pom.

18 months later in Grace St Yarraville and I'm still a reluctant pom.

My infamous Jumping Jack Flash leather jacket. I must have looked a bit of a wally.

Spear fishing off the rocks at Williamstown.

Another family group with the whole family except Edgar; he's taking the picture.

On the way home, Athens.