Sid, The Man Who Threw Wasps

I once knew an angler called Sid, a nice chap who had a unique way of dealing with wasps. It happened towards the end of a match I was fishing on the Shropshire Union Canal at Norbury Junction. One or two anglers were walking the bank and this fellow was one of them. Just as he reached me a big wasp decided he wanted to join my maggots and landed straight in my bait box with them. This took me by surprise and made me recoil a little.

“What's up George?” Sid asked, as he stopped behind me.

“Look at that cheeky bastard,” I replied, while pointing to the wasp in my box.

“It won't hurt you if you leave it alone,” he said, trying to disguise a chuckle.

“Oh yeah and how am I supposed to get a maggot to put on my hook without disturbing him?” I asked.

“Well you know what I do with wasps don't you?”

“No, you've never told me,” I replied. He's told me lots of other stuff but not what he does with wasps.

“I grab their wings behind their back, pick them up and throw them as far as I can.”

Now if there was ever a time to call somebody's bluff this was it. “Okay, be my guest and show me.”

Without any hesitation his hand flashed into my maggot box, he grabbed the wasp's wings between his thumb and index finger and with a deft flick of the wrist he threw the little monster into the wind. I have to say I was amazed, but it also left me wondering how he came up with the notion that wasp throwing was a good idea in the first place.

You have probably gathered that I've got a thing about wasps, well I will admit it to the world, yes I have. Have I tried to do anything about it? Yes, I have, and you can read how I got on with my quest to cure my phobia in my book, but for now please remember to keep a bait box lid handy at all times and do yourself and the rest of us a favour by knocking them all to kingdom come.