It is said that people of the older generation only dream in black and white, while youngsters dream in colour. Apparently, this is because the older generation only had black and white TVs. I will collecting my pension soon and can vouch that although I grew up with mono television, I do dream in full technicolour. How about you?

I remember being late for work one morning because when my alarm clock went off I dreamt that a fire engine was going past my house. In those days, when I was in my twenties, my alarm clock and fire engines sounded very similar. I used this for my excuse for being late but it didn't cut the mustard with my miserable boss and he gave me a written warning.

Why is it, if I wake up while I'm having a really nice dream, when I go back to sleep it has gone. However, if I'm having a nightmare, the same dream can haunt me all night, no matter how many times I wake up.

While I'm writing about dreams: I had a strange dream the other night; I dreamt I was wide awake, but when I woke up I was still fast asleep.