Crazy Thinking

Double Glazing

Last year we had new double glazing fitted. The glass they fitted was, we were told to the latest standard and super environmental friendly because it keeps in all the heat. Anyway, during the winter we suffered a lot of problems with condensation so we got the window people back out to have a look at the issue.

"The problem is with the new glass," the man said, "it's so efficient at keeping the warmth in, it causes condensation."

"So how do we fix it?" I asked.

"The only way is to do what I do," he replied.

"And what's that," I asked.

"I leave my windows open," he said,

Now if that isn't crazy thinking I don't know what is.

Vacuum Cleaners

The EU have decided to outlaw powerful vacuum cleaners in a supposed effort to reduce power consumption. However, their thinking is crazy because with a lower powered vacuum cleaner it will take twice as long to do the job. This means the power consummed will be exactly the same.

Tipping Fat Down The Sink

Fact, if you tip fat down your sink hole it will solidify and eventually block your pipes up. Some people think that if they heat the fat up untill it melts then send it down the sink hole with some hot soapy water it will go away and still be in liquid form when it reaches the sea.

Well let me tell you now, it won't, because as soon as it gets into your pipes it starts to cool down and, when it is just slightly cooler, it will solidify. So it may have gone below the drainage hole, but the problem is building up in your pipes. Flushing fat down the sink hole and imagining that it's miraculously disappeared is really crazy thinking.

Mixed Housing

Once upon a time, diffent types of housing used to be kept seperate. For example, several streets of bungalows would be built in one place so that the elderly could enjoy some peace and quiet before they shuffled off this mortal coil. However, planners and builders now think it is agood idea to mix bungalows in on estates that have five bedroomed houses for the better off and two bedroomed afordable housing for other folk. The result isn't harmony for anybody, its a cummunity in a mess.

Sleeping Policemen

Sleeping policemen drive me mad. They play havoc with the suspension on my car and ruining the driving experience. I once lived in a suberb of Stafford and had about a mile of sleeping policemen and several chicanes to negotiate every time I wanted to go into town. Why? If speeding was an issue why couldn't the road have speed cameras just like all the other approaches into the county town.

Digging Up Your Lawn

If you think that you can lower the amount of maintenace you have to do in your garden by replacing your lawn with a membrane and some gravel, please think again. The menbrane will only stop weeds from coming up from beneath, it will not stop weeds from growing on the top. In fact, a thin layer of gravel provides the perfect environment to make sure weeds germinate and thrive.


Passwords are a pain in the jacksy and some password systems are just plain silly. Here is an example of crazy thinking regarding passwords and if it didn't involve a bank and people's hard earned money it would be hillarious.

It was my birthday recently and my mother inlaw decided to buy me something resonably expensive, but I would have to order it myself using her credit card because she couldn't be bothered. Anyway, having found what I wanted my wife and I, armed with the credit card went onto a website to order it. We put in all the details but when we press the buy button it took us to the bank's website, where for security purposes it requested the password for the account, which we didn't know. My mother in law is not a well women and was asleep; we obviously didn't want to bother her, so we clicked the "Forgot your password link" where upon we were asked to provide a new one. I kid you not it was that simple. We put in a new password and the transaction was completed. I won't name the bank because in my experience there isn't much to chose between them.

To me it is just another example of crazy thinking.