The Fishing Detectives: Carp Rustlers

Book One

This is the first book in the Fishing Detectives series that features Detective Sergeant Fred Tench.

The Plot

Fred Tench is given the task of tackling a case of Carp Rustling that is taking place at a local fishery. To help him catch the villains he is joined by his new assistant detective constable Toffy Evans. Together they work on the case while trying to get a smile out of the governor, who just happens to be a misery guts reject from the met. The station is running a sweepstake to see if anybody can make him laugh, but it proves to be a difficult task.

About Fred Tench

Fred Tench is a detective working in the the city of Stoke on Trent in Staffordshire. There might not be many murders in this part of Staffordshire, but the cases are interesting and include a good dose of humour. If you like hard living, hard swearing detectives with a son of a bitch attitude, stay clear of this book. However, if you are looking for a crime story where the main characters don't make you cringing everytime you turn a page, this book might be just the one for you.

Breaking The Mould

Okay, Fred Tench is a copper, but that doesn't stop him being a good guy. To prove this, he nurtures his new assistant Gary Evans from Wales and even teaches him about the noble art of fishing.


When I write books I want to entertain the reader, so I hope I've thought up a good plot and made the characters believable and interesting. But most of all, I hope to make all my books enjoyable.


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