The Plot

A novel that follows a crisis that befalls a middle aged man whose wife suddenly leaves him. He tries to win her back, but when he fails he goes on a quest to have the time of his life. He puts lonely hearts adds in the paper and joins a dating agency to try and replace the dose of regular sex he enjoyed with his wife. However, things don't always go to plan and while he is sorting out his love life he also as to deal with a crisis at the pottery factory where he is the manager. The owner of the factory is involved in some treachery of his own that will have a devestating effect on Michael and the rest of the workforce unless he manages to sort it out.

About Michael Riley

Michael is a manager of a pottery factory and as you would expect he can be rather bossy. This was infact, why is wife left him as she couldn't cope with his bossy ways. I guess Michael is bossy, but he works hard and when it comes to the crunch he is a good guy who cares about the welfare of his workers. He may have turned into a male chauvenistic pig for the moment but when his wife left him after so many years of marriage it tainted his view of the opposite sex, now he vows to love them and leave them.

About Michael's Boss

Bill Copestake is the owner of the pottery factory that Michael manages. He is an old-fashioned, call a spade a spade sort of man who can't be trusted. He has the mentality of a slave driver and would beat his workers with a stick every day if he could get away with it. Although Michael runs the factory very efficiently, Bill Copestake doesn't like Michael's modern management techniques and this is just one cause of the bitter conflict that exists between them.


When I write books I have only one objective in mind and that is to entertain the reader. So naturally, I hope I've thought up a good plot and made the characters believable and interesting. However, most of all I hope the reader finds it enjoyable.


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